“De Waarheid” by Lil’ Fire & Japs – Videoclip Released !

The upcoming rap-formation Lil’ Fire & Japs just released the videoclip for their track “De Waarheid”. So what’s the relation to us ? Thats simple: We produced the clip ! So enjoy it en visit here the YouTube-channel of Hot Money Records ! Watch here the official videoclip: Making of… Continue reading

Club of Millionaires – Videoclip Production

Finally we’re proud to announce that ZeelandZoundZ is hired for the whole production proces, started with scriptwriting ,shooting & editing to finally creating the cover artwork and promotion  of the videoclip for the upcoming single Club of Millionaires by Lucy Malheur. Most of the scenes are shoted on real location’s, wich means,… Continue reading

Featured Artist: Clear Clamour

Rock ’n roll! Or rather progressive pop/rock with influences from the blues, funk and hardrock. It’s been a three and a half year journey already with climaxes such as participating in de Sena PopNL Awards in the Melkweg in Amsterdam after being proclaimed ‘Zeeuwse belofte’ or so called ‘promise of… Continue reading