Show me the Way by Marcel Louis

Today, we finished the studio recordings we Marcel. So i’ts time to startup the PR- engine !

Written by Marcel Louis (Germany)

Recorded by ZeelandZoundZ (The Netherlands)

Arranged & Mastered by Lucy Malheur (Germany)

Read here the official press-release:

Spring is coming, and what would fit better than a fresh melody, rounded off with a romantic song text, but without any of the usual clichés.

Marcel Louis who was born in 1965 in the Dutch city of Venlo, has been a frontman of the band “The Highwayrunners” in the 1970s and 1980s.

Work, raising a family, as well as moving to Germany were reasons for him to stay out of the spotlight for some time. However, since he never really quit music, we can now listen to his first release on CD.

After “Show me the Way” had been lying around for 30 years, Marcel finally decided to keep the promise he had made to his former bass player who had died of cancer, by publishing this musical-love story which strives to defy the often violent, shallow and ignorant attitude of today.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, it was only natural for Marcel to release a Dutch version of this song as well.

Arranged and produced by Lucy Malheur in her unique musical style, this song is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for some time.

If you want to hear how spring can sound like, listen to “Show me the Way”!

Stay tuned for more information regarding the planned release in March 2017


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