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One of the main goals of ZeelandZoundZ Foundation is the support and promotion of young talents and artists from around the world. Nothing more and nothing less ! We are’nt any kind of agency to hire artists or focussing our business on management in order we don’t run a commercial business. Our foundation aim’s to provide promotion of you and your music across Europe.

What can we do for you ?

Audiovisual PR support (Promotrailers, Videoclips…)

Contacts with media- and broadcasting organisations, especially for the Benelux-area

Marketing and distribution of your audio content and merchandise by our self-hosted shop system (

Translation of Press-releases, lyrics and other “written” content

Artwork and design

and many many more ! just ask !

What does it cost ?

Don’t sell your dreams, just share !

So we would very appreciate it, if you share our Facebook-page and invite your friends to give it a like.

Even in case your’re actally don’t know, if our featuring will increase your popularity, at least your music will get more airplay

on a domein with a huge amount of daily visitors.

If you have any questions regarding our artist & talent featuring, please mail us to or sign-up here !