Lucy Malheur


Lucy started to play guitar as a teenager, teaching herself how to play, and writing new songs whenever she found some new chords.
After a short while she founded her first band.
In those days, girls were not so common in bands, and if there were any, they were mostly singers who swung a tambourine in a decorative way.
And then came Lucy – brash, loud, playing her electric guitar.
Years came and went, and so did her bands and musical styles.
Lucy became more sophisticated, and at one point, she had to make a decision.
Since she couldn’t stand the thought of sacrificing musical quality on the altar of success, she packed the whole thing in and got herself a job.

After having had lots of bad luck in her private life, she suddenly realized that she herself was the only person who could help her. She also realized how much she missed her music.
So she went to a recording studio belonging to two friends of hers and started to record some old songs – just for fun, to find out whether she was still able to do this.
Between recording sessions she began to write new material.
This hadn’t happened in years, and it made her feel better and better all the time.
Encouraged by her friends at the recording studio and her record label, she decided to
share her music with others.
Having recorded more material than she actually needed for one album, she chose some songs and published an album. Because of the mix of styles, this album has to be perceived more as a kind of musical introduction, a compilation of things yet to come.
All of this was like a coup for her, hence the name “Therapy”.


Therapy (album, September 2012)
Audio preview:

Little Blue Devils (album, December 2012)
Audio preview:

I Can Wait (album, June 2013)
Full album:

I Can Do Without You (maxi single, January 2014)
Audio preview:

Vintage (album, July 2014)
Audio preview:

And I Would Cross The Ocean (maxi single, February 2015)
Audio preview:

On The Road (single, July 2015)
Audio preview:

Country Yuletide (album, November 2015)
Audio preview:

Roasted Sand (single, April 2016)
Audio preview:

Club of Millionaires (maxi single, June 2016)
Audio preview:

Shingeling Blues (single, December  2016)
Audio preview:



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