Inge grew up with music and theatre. When she was 15 she took some piano lessons and soon she started writing her own songs. She taught herself to play the guitar as well, for songwriting purposes. At the age of 19 she started with singing lessons. She played in several musical- and opera productions. But besides the classical genre she also had a passion for pop music. She recorded some of her own songs in her home studio, and when she discovered the website in april 2008, her life changed.

She uploaded a demo of her songs there and soon investors from all over the world came and invested in her music.
In november 2009 Inge had collected 50,000 dollars on Sellaband and she went into the studio to record her first album! With producers Coen Molenaar and Jeroen Molenaar and Angela Groothuizen as co-producer she worked for half a year on her first album ‘I see you’. It was released in june 2010. Since then Inge is performing with her new band, and is making preparations for yet another album!
Her music can be classified as ‘easy listening’, a mix of ballads and poppy up-tempo songs.