Interview Omroep Zeeland $$$ Club of Millionaires $$$

  Listen here to the interview on the Dutch radio Omroep Zeeland in the early morning of July 7th 2016 regarding the release of the videoclip “Club of Millionaires” Beluister hier het interview op Omroep Zeeland in de ochtend van 7 Juli 2016, enkele uren voor de officiële release van… Continue reading

Featured Artist: Clear Clamour

Rock ’n roll! Or rather progressive pop/rock with influences from the blues, funk and hardrock. It’s been a three and a half year journey already with climaxes such as participating in de Sena PopNL Awards in the Melkweg in Amsterdam after being proclaimed ‘Zeeuwse belofte’ or so called ‘promise of… Continue reading

Featured Artist: Chloé

Beside Pinnekjøtt & Kjøttboller there’s another speciality added to the Nordish cuisine: Chloé. With her debut single “Seventeenth” she gives us an example of her skill’s and we’re quiet sure that she’s on the right way to become a new European shooting star on the singer & songwriter sky. ZeelandZoundZ… Continue reading