Vocal Recordings

Rapper and Songwriter TalHa did his first vocal recording in our new studio today. For sure it’s the start of a great journey into the business.


The Best Of…is back !

Because the many request, we have our looped “Best Of”- player dropped back on the Watch – startpage. Keep in mind that this Ad-supported player, provided by Livestream will be temporary until our new server’s have been launched. From this point we will provide you an Ad-free 24/7 broadcast again.… Continue reading

One 4 All

Well….it’s time for some changes. TV, Radio and a Recording Studio……just too much to put everything on one single site. So we decided to make a kind of platform to select what you want to do next. Also we put a nice little forum in there and some more information about us. TV, Radio or Recordings, everything will get there own dedicated page in the near future. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know.