If you see Dana onstage you’d never think that the talented singer from Bienne/Switzerland is only 19 years old. With her soulful catchy pop-songs she’s gained a lot of attraction in Switzerland and abroad this year.
Dana has been singing since she’s 11 years old. Music is the essence of her life. She’s been working with well known Swiss R&B-singer Rhonda Dorsey and soon started songwriting on her own. Onstage you can see her perform alone as well as with her full-band. «If I write a song, I can already hear how it will sound with the full band. But I never think about which chords I have to play. I just play», says Dana. So she writes quiet songs, some funky ones – in a lot of moods. In Dana’s liveshows you can hear some songs of musicians she likes as well: Joss Stone, Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye.
Dana’s first big Swiss success was when she reached the final of «Kleiner Prix Walo» in 2014. In the same years she was performing in venues across Switzerland as well as on Berne’s buskers festival.
With her first EP, produced and the single «Life You Never Had», recorded by Luk Zimmernann, Dana’s currently gaining a lot of attraction around the globe, as you can see on her vibrant twitter-account. In her home country she’s been featured in all important newspapers. In december 2016 Dana’s releasing her new single «New Zealand»: a song, whose creation and metamorphose have been topic of a cool video-docu called «Songs & Stories» by a young enthusiastic Berne-based filmcrew.

Listen here to the voiceover from Dana, especially made for ZeelandZoundZ AirStream: